Week 1
-- Integers

Adding negative numbers
Subtracting negative numbers
Add and subtract within 100 word problems 2
Add and subtract within 100 word problems 3
Challenging add and subtract word problems (within 100)
Interpreting negative numbers
Multiplying & dividing negative number

Week 2
-- Central Measures, representations of data

Mean, Median, Mode
Missing Value Given the Mean
Creating Histograms
Read Histograms
Creating Dot Plots
Reading Dot Plots & Frequency Tables

Week 3 --
More representations of data, compare representations, skew, outliers

Creating Box Plots
Reading Box Plots
Shape of Distributions
Comparing Distributions
Clusters, Peaks, Gaps, and Outliers

Week 4 --
Central and spread measures and appropriate units

Appropriate Units
Interpret Units in Formulas
Rate Conversion
Multiple Units Word Problems
Mean Absolute Deviation
Interquartile Range

Week 5 --
Two-way frequency tables and probability

Reading two-way frequency tables
Two-way frequency tables
Interpreting two-way tables
Simple Probability
Reading two-way relative frequency tables